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Thursday, December 21, 2017

Comic Release: THE GAME

Available here...

Keywords: M/f, M/fff, MF/f, MF/ff, f/f (mass) training, (mass) bondage, gags, fucking machines, submission, discipline, humiliation, psychological torture, r@pe, slavegirls, intrigue, mind-tricks, switching, forced orgasm, edging, trace amounts of fantastic elements, and a single petgirl, etc

The Game is the latest installment in the "Sherry saga" that spins off from The Favorite and continues with The Hotel, The Society, and The Office. (I considered several other names such as The Score, The Reunion, The Family, and Sherry's Game, which are also fine I guess). This comic follows the events that unfold at the end of The Office, so I suggest you review it's last scene before reading this. This one works by itself too, so no need to worry if you are a newcomer to the series.

The story is about the Potts women: Sherry, her sister Cherry and their mother Melinda. Peter and his slaves are away, busy at the Slave Fair and other places, so don't expect to see them in this one. Paul's harem is around for your viewing pleasure. A number of new interesting ideas (I think) will be introduced in this story, some of which will be fully fleshed out in later comics.


Thursday, October 12, 2017

Comic release: Karma Part 2

Avaliable here: http://www.erenischcomics.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=1476
or here: http://www.erenischcomics.com/giftshop.html

Keywords: M/f, MMM/f, MMM/fff, F/f, mass slavery, training, bondage, submission, discipline, r@pe, gangbang, orgy, petgirl, kidnapping, revenge, switching, blackmail, forced orgasm, edging, etc

:sherry: Karma part II is a direct sequel to Karma. It takes place a couple weeks after the end of the first episode. Cathy and Anna are the lead female characters, accompanied by a large number of new girls. This is the first story that entirely takes place outside of Pussiana. We will follow Zalupatsin and his gang back in their homeland, Sukoneryahska. It works fine as a single shot story, but reading Karma is recommended.

This story is one of my favorites. I really enjoyed making it, especially writing the dialogue. I hope you'll like it too.

Preview images:

Monday, July 3, 2017

Comic release: Housebreaking


Available here: http://www.erenischcomics.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=1429

Housebreaking is a single shot comic with a very simple plot, but it fits in the overall story arc. I hope new readers will like it. Veterans may enjoy multiple references to older comics. The story follows a character we have seen before, but we never got to know her well enough.

Please don't scan through before reading, so the surprises in there won't be ruined. There is a twist in the middle. I think most of you will be able to see it coming, but I may be able to surprise some of you. I hope Dofantasy won't ruin the secret by posting the wrong images on the sales page.

This is a "challenge" comic in which I confined the story to a single uninterrupted scene. I figured everybody else is doing it, so how hard can it be? Turns out, very hard... especially if you want to tell a decent story.

Next challenge, an entire comic with stick figures

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Comic Release: Slave Fair Year 3


Slave Fair: Year Three is now available here:

Slave Fair series is kind of an outlier in my body of work. It is not character-heavy and it does not aspire to be "porn with plot". It is just silly fun. Basically It is an excuse to showcase all my nasty/nutty ideas without building clever stories around them. It also has a record number of cameos. I think half of the forumfolk is in there wandering the fairgrounds.

It has been about 6 years since the release of the second part of the series, so you will notice some improvement in the art department.

Because I had more fair-related ideas than expected, I sliced the material in half, and then organized both parts into different stories. The two parts are not related. This one is a classic Slave Fair, and the next one actually has a plot.

In this one, in addition to the usual heavy objectification/humililation/forced sex, you will find forced pregnancy, piercings, body modification, sterilization, whipping, chastity belts, bukkake, shibari, suspension, latex suits, nuns, tentacles, aliens, and simulated horror themes (just in time for Halloween too). You say that can't be done? I beg to differ.

You will also see how I dance around the rules in this one. I hope it won't be censored.

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Comic Release: The Birthday Gift 11 - Graduation

 Available here: http://www.erenischcomics.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=1185

This comic is my longest to date with 63 pages. I put a lot of self-references and George-Lucas-style plot rhymes in the story. I'm sure most of these will go unnoticed by newer converts, but I hope veterans will appreciate them. I included no cameos from the forumfolk in this one because it is already full to the brim with characters. All main BG characters appear in this story, except for a few who are either dead, or kidnapped by Sukoneryahskan mafia.

This is more or less the ending I had in mind from the start. As some of you already know, this saga is based on an unpublished comic of mine. The original was a very simple story and it was a lot shorter, but I somehow managed to replicate its major plot points throughout the BG series. When I made the first Birthday Gift, I wasn't planning to make it an eleven-part series. It could have stopped right there. But I kept going back to the characters I like most, so here we are. It must be over 550 pages now, even if you don't count the spinoffs.

The ending is not a traditional one. I designed it to have some kind of ambiguity. Some of you might get angry, some might have panic attacks. I expect riots on the streets. There is no need for panic, all will be fine. Take it easy. Drink some water.


Friday, June 13, 2014

Heather project preview: Pre-enslavement Maggie

This is Margaret Anne Sweetie, one of my favorite characters, here shown in her pre-enslavement days. Heather comic will start with a flashback, or rather it will start before BG1 and then jump to the present day.
The project mainly focuses on Heather's story, and a little on Nathalie's, but this doesn't mean we won't see some of our other favorites running around in their skimpies... Case in point, here is Mags working out.

(You can comment and/discuss it on the Erenisch Comics Forum.)

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Comic release: The Office

The comic is now available here

This is a part of Sherry's story, but like the previous ones (The Hotel, The Society) it is not all about Sherry. Aiko Yariman, a character we have seen in Slave Fair Year 2 and The Stables, is reintroduced here. Holly Venger (from The Hotel) is also featured.

This story took too long to finish, partly because of my busy schedule. It was a very old project of mine, but I made a a lot of big changes to the plot because of the recent developments in the general story arc. A few sex scenes I had to cut, and I'm not really happy about it. But no worries, they will be added to sequels.

The Office in question is Paul Stevenson's, it is not Peter's fledgling little company. So, Melanie fans don't get your hopes up. Maggie is not in there either. (They will be featured in another comic tentatively called "The Shop". The plot for that one is ready, but no other development yet.)

Sunday, January 12, 2014

"The Office" character preview: Aiko

My fellow sickos and sickettes, meet Aiko... for the third time actually, but this time she has a "real" role in The Office. She will be the newest employee of Paul Stevenson's enlarging slave-trade empire.

Many of you will not remember this, but the members of the old forum voted her the best applicant in a poll after The Stables. I promised to "hire" her in the next office-themed comic. I keep my promises, sooner or later :D


Birthday Gift Holiday Special

A re-imagining of a scene from BG10, with a holiday twist...


Monday, November 25, 2013

Comic Release: The Bottom

The Bottom

It's available here

As the forumfolk know, the main themes of this comic (dumps and taxes) were suggested separately as jokes years ago. But I took them seriously. The "Something about Dumps and Taxes" project remained in my folder for more than a year, and after a couple of rewrites I decided that it can be turned into a full comic (Originally I was planning to insert a short dump scene in a larger story).

The story takes place in Snatchfield (see the map or the wiki page). I feel that most of the map remains unexplored, so why don't we expand our horizons a little. I imagine Snatchfield as a slightly larger city than Eville. It was once a huge industrial center, but now it is in a steady decline because the main focus of the economy shifted from manufacturing to female trade. (Eville, in comparison, continues to grow because of its slave-based economy)

The main character is Melanie Compter (forum/wiki), a college-educated, intelligent girl with a dark sense of humor. But more importantly, she is also a discarded sex slave. She is one of my favorite characters and I hope you like her as well.

This one has a lot of "realistic" images in it. Almost as many as BG8...

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Preview: "The Bottom"

The Bottom Cover preview
Here is the cover for "The Bottom" (aka "something about dumps and taxes"). The comic is finished and I'm going to send it to the publisher after one last proofreading.


Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Comic preview: "The Bottom"

A couple of images from my next project "The Bottom". The main character is Melanie, the aubergine haired cutie seen above. The comic is now inked and partially colored. I hope to finish and release it before the end of October.

For more information on the comics and the character, please visit my forum at http://www.erenischcomics.com/forum/


Saturday, August 24, 2013

Comic Release: BG10 Lovelust

BG10: Lovelust is now available here

This episode is about the Sweeties and the Stevensons. Everything happens in a single day, but a single day in the Stevenson Harem is always a frantic one. I actually planned this comic as a post-BG story about a year ago. The story was very different back then. But now it is an important part of the main story arc with important consequences. This also changes the plot of the next chapter a lot.

The working title for this project was "The Sweeties" when I started developing it. Once again, the title changed after I finished the cover. A similar change happened with BG9 Vengeance. The lesson here is, covers are more important than you might think.

You'll see that there is a slight problem with continuity here. Since this episode was inserted into the arc at the last minute, I did not have space to address the radical events that took place at the end of BG9. Before this change, the original BG10 would be starting with a short cemetery scene, where Peter and Jeff were paying their respects at Steve's funeral. I thought about putting that scene at the start of this episode, but that would totally ruin the mood and pace of this story. There is a panel in there where Peter and Maggie briefly mention the issue, but that is all. So, I'll leave it for now and fix the problem with a flashback scene later.

This is what you kids call a "character-development" episode, with longer-than-usual sex scenes and loaded dialogue. I'm pleased with the result myself and hope you like it too.


Monday, August 19, 2013

BG10 cover preview

Here is the cover for BG10: Lovelust. You'll notice that it is more "romantic" than my usual covers. The comic is about the Stevenson men and the Sweeties women. It is about love and lust, or the blurry lines in between.

Okay, it is more about lust. A perverted one...  ;)

Thursday, June 6, 2013

BG10 preview images

Click on the image for the forum page with the original picture.

Here are a few images from the next BG episode. Maggie and Carol will have the spotlight in this one, Sherry will also play an important role. Watch out for some important developments concerning the future of the Stevenson family.


Saturday, May 4, 2013

Preview: Maggie hugs Sherry

Maggie and Sherry enjoying each other's company

Here is an image I did for BG10 (but It might end up in another comic like "The Sweeties".)

By now most of you know that Maggie and Sherry are my favorite characters, so you can be sure that their stories will not come to an end with the BG finale. The problem is I cannot write enough scenes for just the two of them because of the complexity of the BG storyline. Maybe I should write a story featuring only Maggie and Sherry some day.

Anyways, enjoy...

Related forum page: http://www.erenischcomics.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=456&p=6008#p6008

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Karma cover preview

The Anna comic - now has a proper title

The Anna comic is finished. It took a lot longer because I made it from scratch. (Generally I pile up scenes and sketches for multiple projects over time- so when I decide to do one of them, I have a good head start. I had minimal preparation for this one. )

The comic is called "Karma". That was actually the working title for BG9 when I first wrote it, but I opted for Vengeance at the last minute. I think Karma works for this one better anyway. 

I will pack this up and send it to the publisher tomorrow, so make your own calculations about the actual release date. As we all know, there is no reliable standard for these things.

Caveat emptor!  The story is probably the darkest one I ever wrote. It begins the day Anna was kidnapped, and ends a few weeks after the murder/arson... A lot of rough sex and violence in between.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Preview: Anna with Maggie

Here is another preview from the untitled Anna comic. Maggie in her ponygirl costume... Enjoy.


Sunday, March 17, 2013

Preview: Untitled Ginger/nun comic

Here is a character preview from the Ginger comic project. I called her "mother inferior" in the original draft of the story, but a delayed google search revealed that there was already a Marvel character so named. I'm not sure if I'll keep the title.

But in the meantime,

Monday, December 17, 2012

Release: Slavecop 2- The BREED

Slavecop 2: The BREED
(Whoa! They released the comic in less than 24 hours?!?!)

Agent-Slave Lidia Cumgulper is back... It has been a long while since she first appeared (not sure about the date but it was about 120 comics ago)... When the original slavecop was released it was not a big commercial success immediately (I was told), but the interest in the babes in blue-and-white grew a lot since then... (I'm thankful to those of you writing Slavecop-themed fan fiction: this comic has a few homages to you guys.)

Lidia and Anders are investigating an incident at a genetic research facility / breeding farm in this episode... It is a classic mystery in form and structure, or at least I tried to make it look like one... The story gave me the chance to show the insides of the SEFR building, and we get to see some other slavecops too. Some new ones, and some familiar ones. I also had the chance to sprinkle some sci-fi stuff in there, with occasional nods to the well-known classics of the genre.

(The comic also gave me the chance to showcase some future projects. I'm planning a comic starring Minerva (has a short scene in this one), and a comic dealing solely with a breeding farm... So any kind of feedback on those will be helpful...)

Anyways... I hope you enjoy this.

You can find it here...

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Cover preview: Slavecop2 - The Breed

The new Slavecop comic The Breed is ready. I have sent the comic to the publisher a few hours ago. They will probably move fast with this one in order to release it before xmas. (So they may skip proofreading and release it with a million typos and mistakes.)

I tried to design this plot like an old school detective story, without sacrificing all the naughty bits of course. Believe me, it was very difficult.

Also, do not take a peek at the ending. It will ruin the experience.

As you can guess, Lidia is the star of this one, but we get to see some other slavecops - including a few fan characters...


Sunday, October 21, 2012

Preview: Slavecop project

Here is a little taste of what is to come. No colors and details yet, but this will give you an idea about the latest SEFR fashion. The comic is fully written and half inked. Inking will probably be done in a week or two, and then three weeks of painting (plus/minus a week.) Ordinarily I experience delays this time of the year because of my day job, so take it as a rough estimate. Enjoy.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Friday, August 10, 2012

Cover Preview: "The Society"

The comic is done and ready to be sent to the publisher. Here is the cover for the comic. I finally decided to name it "The Society"... Lovely Sherry is the cover girl once more.

(As always, keep in mind that I do not put actual scenes on the cover, but try to capture the spirit of the comic instead.  So do not expect Sherry to end up in this exact situation in the story.)

This story will follow "The Hotel" and "BG9", but it can be read as a single shot.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Progress update: Painting %99 done...

Painting is % 99 done, and here is the colored version of the Mr and Ms. Stevenson image I've posted earlier. I'll start lettering tomorrow. ETA 2-3 days.


Friday, June 29, 2012

Here is a little preview from the next comic featuring Paul and Sherry.

(I'll have more free time in a few days, so I'll be able start working on the comic. )


Costa Mujerzuela

Here is a travel brochure for the beautiful Costa Mujerzuela.

(Image from Birthday Gift 9)

I sometimes feel that the speech bubbles cover too much of the images I like. This is one of them. Maybe I can make it a tradition to post my favorite images without text occasionally.


Sunday, April 8, 2012

New Forum is coming.

New Forum will go live in a few days, mark your calendars with a huge, vague circle...

I do not think the topics from the old forum are compatible or transferable, so the best thing is recreating some essential topics over the new forum. I'd be happy if you too recreate some of your "essential" topics (Submitted fan stories come to mind.)

I hope to see all 1980 members of the old forum (minus the fake 1900 ones) register as soon as possible so we can reclaim the awesome community we created.

Stay tuned...

Friday, April 6, 2012

Cover Preview- BG9: Vengeance

I have finished the 9th episode of the Birthday Gift series just a few hours ago. I will send it out first thing tomorrow.

The episode title for BG9 is Vengeance. I was undecided between Vengeance and Karma until the last minute, but when I did the cover, it named itself... You'll see why both names could work when you read the comic.

This episode is particularly dark one. I crossed over to "psycho mode" at one point... Many of your questions about the BG series and the EC universe in general will be answered with this comic, hopefully.

(In other news, I'm working hard to set up a new forum before the release of the comic. My favorite part of making a comic is to chat about it after it is finished.)

Anyways, enjoy the cover while we wait for the actual release...

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Update: Started flat-coloring BG9

Just began coloring episode 9. This means roughly 3-4 weeks of work. I dread this stage because I can never do it as quickly as I’d like to.

In other news, I’m also makng progress in Slavecop II, The Office, BG10 and an untitled project. They will follow BG9, but not necessarily in that order.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Forum Problems... %&@Q*

This time it looks like the guys running the site removed the links to the forum host from their main site, so I suspect it is abandoned for good. I was already fed up with the host, so I'll be looking for an alternative hosting service that is affordable and convenient. In the meantime, we can use the current one as an archive as long as it remains online.

Please leave comments here at the Blog if you have any suggestions for an alternative host that would allow adult content.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Project previews:

Here are some sketches from my projects folder. I have a lot of stories waiting in line, and I'm never sure which ones will be completed first. I can safely say that the next one is BG9. After that probably "The Office" will be released, but Slavecop 2 may take its place in the queue. Then I have to do the final episode of BG so I can launch several spinoffs for BG characters.


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Release: The Hotel

The Hotel is now available at Fansadox and Dofantasy sites. It is a standalone story, but it is also essential reading for the BG series

It also introduces a few characters that I intend to use in two separate future projects. One of these is "The Office" (tentative title), and the other will remain unnamed for now. You know that Michelle will be in at least one of these projects.

I had fun working on Sherry in this one, and I hope you like it too..


The comic is available here.