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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Release: Frankie Stein's Monster

My latest comic (as of October 2009) is out. This one is a bit out of the ordinary and is only loosely connected to my other works. It has a number of references to the horror classics of the golden age of the cinema.

From the synopsis: Becky, Paige , and Jessie, three beautiful
young girls fresh out of high school, spend all their life savings on a trip to a distant European country. But somewhere on their route to fun, they come across Dr. Frankie Steinn’s secluded medieval lair, where unimaginable terror awaits...

I had the idea for a horror-themed comic for some time, I guess releasing it as a Holloween special issue is a good idea... Hope you enjoy it...

(Dr. Frankie Steinn's Monster is available here...)


  1. Hi Erenisch, big fan of your work here. Awesome job on Birthday Gift 4. I just found out about this blog and would like to give you some feedback/ideas for future stories. I wouldn't change too much since you already do a great job with the artwork and the storylines. I would just like to see a few more things happen to the girls in your stories.

    Other artists in the Fansadox site like to hint at stuff that happens to their victims but they never really show it. I don't know if the publisher doesn't allow you guys to do this or if it's just not your style. I would like to see more depraved acts such as fistings, gangbangs, pissing in the girls mouths, taking women in positions of power and humiliating them (like Peter's mom and the substitute teacher in Birthday Gift,) body alterations like piercings and breast enlargements, milking breasts like cow udders, loosening her pussy muscles to allow for massive insertions, etc.

    It would be nice to see different settings too like in medieval times, Queens and Princesses in distress, Superheroines captured, Female warriors defeated, women in powerful political positions taken advantage of.

    Well that's just some of the stuff I would like to see in your future works, sorry if the message is too long.

    Keep up the great work, I'll keep following your stories.


  2. Thank you for your kins words Darthfett77. Most of your suggestions are actually in my to do list, and some them are already in the works.

    I tend to refrain from historical settings and keep my stories consistently within a certain fantasy world. But I plan to do illustrations exclusively for this blog in the future, and you may find nice surprises on these pages.

  3. Hi, big fan. I personally wouldn't like to see more werid stuff. What you do now is great. I agree with Darthfett in one respect...I too like seeing women in powerful positions taken. Authority figures, snobs, bitches etc. I like the teens, but older women, like the Mom in Birthday 4 is good. More mature women along with the 18-19 year olds.

    Thanks and keep up the great work!

  4. Them I'm sure you'b be satisfied with Dr. Frankie Stein. It is full of that.

  5. que tal la idea de madre e hija llevadas por el amo a pasar fin de semana a un hotel diseniado para ese turismo?

  6. Yes, I loved Franken comic. Loved the Dr character! Good mix of women in this one.
    Great job!

  7. I loved the Dr character too... can there be a sequel to this?

  8. I planned this one as a one-shot. A sequel is very unlikely, but may be some characters cross-over to other comics? Will see.

  9. Hi I'm from colombia south america I'ma big fan of your work i think its really cool, youre the only one i read of the fansadox comics,i thing the others have some reason in telling that it would be nice young boys enslaving sexy milf maybe powerfull milf like a resistance leader or something, ty very much for all the fun

  10. hi,
    first of all, let me tell you what an amazing job you do. great artwork and your storyline is one of my personal favourites.

    only a few small suggestions what i`m "dreaming about".. first of all, some young black and asian flavoured girls. i love the scenes where afroamerican oder asian girls are involved, even if they are just sidekicks.

    than, a prequel, in which you show the reader how the world changed and the "new world order" was established.

  11. Amazing work! your comics are my favorites of all the dofantasy/fansadox collections and I always look forward to the next release. I think its the thinking outside the box that makes the work you do so great, slavefair has to be one of my favs, girls turned into mere games and objects, yes please! Part 3 maybe?