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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Poll Results

This month's poll closed with 240 votes just a few hours ago. Most of you want to see more episodes of The Birthday Gift and Slave Fair, and Slavecop is the third popular so far. That is the result I hoped for, since Birthday Gift has already has a couple episodes lined up, and I have the plot for the next Slavecop episode. I have not thought of anything for a Slave Fair sequel yet, but it is now on my to do list. Also, Slave Fair fans would be satisfied with my next project (unnamed for security purposes) that will follow Birthday Gift part 5 this spring. Peace.

The results;

1) Slave Fair 108 votes (%45)
2) The Birthday Gift 103 voltes (%43)
3) Slavecop 54 v0tes (%22)
4) Family Slave Set 40 votes (%16)
5) Slavemart 39 votes (%16)
6) Frankie Steinn's Monster 37 votes (%15)
7) Roommates 34 votes (14%)
8) Bureau of Female Affairs 12 votes (%5)

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Slavegirl Profile: Dr. Frankie Steinn

One of the brilliant minds of her time, Dr. Frankie Steinn was depraved as she was ingenious. After a scandalous biochemistry conference where her theories were ridiculed by her colleagues, she closed herself in a secluded medieval castle in the middle of nowhere, and started working on a scientific breakthrough.

Little did she know that the project she was working on would transform her life radically, and not in the way she hoped for.

Name: Frankie Steinn
Slave name: Puppy, Sucky-Fucky
Age: 38
Hair: Light brown
Eyes: Brown
Owner/Master: Igor (53)
Primary use: Personal fuckslave
Secondary uses: Multi-purpose cocksucker, asscleaner, puppygirl, maidslave
Preferred orifice: Mouth, Asshole
Featured in: Dr. Frankie Steinn's Monster

Friday, January 22, 2010

Mini Magazine: Slutkitten Special!

I put together a 6-page special issue dedicated to Sherry, a.k.a. Slutkitten of the "Birthday Gift" series. There are no new images in it, but if you enjoy watching a flashback episode of "Friends", you might like this one too. There are some interesting stuff in there, including Slutkitten's ownership certificate..

To download, either click on the image or follow the link below.



Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Update: Upcoming Birthday Gift episodes

The mini poll I took to see which Birthday Gift characters were popular among the readers ended couple weeks ago. The results were not too surprising - Maggie, Sherry and Tawnie are the most popular of the young slavegirls, and Molly is the major favorite of milf-lovers.
I have already done the plots and stories of the next two episodes. For those of you wondering which characters will have more "screen time" in the coming episodes, here are some hints.
BG episode 5:
In addition to Maggie and Sherry, a new major character will be introduced. And she will be unique in terms of her personality and function in the plot. The focus will also be on Miss Chrissy Cummings, the young Math teacher who was introduced in Episode 4. Tawnie, Regina, Gwen, Claire, Heather and many other lovely girls at the school will appear also.
BG episode 6:
Maggie, Sherry, Gwen and Heather will be used together in a very special place by their masters. Tawnie and Molly will be important to the plot of this episode, and appear in length. But the main focus will be on an intriguing new character who is a very sexy milf...

Please let me know what you think, leave a comment...

Monday, January 11, 2010

Image: Agent Cumgulper infiltrates the Cult

Sneak preview from Slavecop: Undercover agent Lidia Cumgulper infiltrates the secret dungeons of the Cult, where young women are subjected to unimaginable torture. Agent Cumgulper would soon discover that these huge diabolical devices are nothing compared to the pain and suffering these poor girls would face afterwards.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Slavegirl Profile: Andersonn Twins

Former students of the Erenisch High School, twin beauties Sally and Polly were enslaved shortly after they turned 18 like most other attractive young girls of their generation. When he brought his son Peter to the school for registration, Mr Stevenson spotted the beautiful twins studying at the cafeteria. After that unfortunate encounter, the two gorgeous 18-year-olds found themselves in tight restraints and gags, realizing that their parents sold them to this rich businessman as sex slaves.

As a slavegirl, Polly was forced to specialize in lengthy cocksucking, serving exclusively the master of the house, Mr Stevenson. Sally was also serving the master, but her other task was to serve his wife-slave Molly, as her personal cuntlicker. Being a slave to a slave was even worse than being a simple slavegirl, especially because Molly could be a very cruel and demanding bitch.

The two poor little babes were used less and less after the arrival of younger slavegirls Maggie, Sherry and Tawnie, but their suffering did not end.

Name: Sally Andersonn
Slave name: Candycunt
Age: 20
Hair: Red
Eyes: Green
Owner/Master: Mr Stevenson (45)
Primary use: Personal Fuckslave
Secondary uses: Molly's cuntlicker, puppygirl, maidslave
Preferred orifice: All holes
Featured in: Birthday Gift Parts 1-4

Name: Polly Andersonn
Slave name: Sugarpussy
Age: 20
Hair: Red
Eyes: Green
Owner/Master: Mr. Stevenson (45)
Primary use: Personal Fuckslave
Secondary uses: Heavy duty cocksucker, puppygirl.
Preferred orifice: All-holes
Featured in: Birthday Gift Parts 1-4

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Slavegirl Profile: Anita Sufridora

As a young woman, Anita was among the lucky few who found a man who liked her enough to take her as a wife. She was happy like a little piglet in poo when she was preparing for the wedding ceremony.

However, her fiance's neighbor Jason had his eye on the pretty broad for some time. The deceitful bastard set the poor girl up and convinced her fiance that Anita was cheating on him. Furious, the groom called the wedding off, and he sold the unlucky girl to Jason after torturing her in length. His one condition: Anita was to be treated as a dog and beaten regularly. Jason was happy to oblige.

So, only a week before her wedding, poor little Anita found herself as a puppy-slavegirl, sucking a stranger's cock obediently and getting tortured daily in return.

Name: Anita Sufridora
Slave name: Fuckcandy
Age: 23
Hair: Light brown
Eyes: Brown
Owner/Master: Jason Mars (27)
Primary use: Personal fuckslave
Secondary uses: Multi-purpose cocksucker, asscleaner, puppygirl, maidslave
Preferred orifice: Mouth
Featured in: Slave Fair

Monday, January 4, 2010

Slavegirl Profile: Jamie Prexton

Always good at managing her family funds, Jamie successfully invested the money her family left her to secure her freedom for a couple of years. When she got her 2-year exemption from the compulsory female slavery law, she started to save money for her little sister Colleen who was about to turn 18. However, she was late to do so, and Colleen was captured by slavetraders shortly after her 18th birthday.

When she learned that Colleen would be sold by Skoolsluts Slavegirl Company at the Annual Slave Fair, Jamie tried to buy her sister back with the help of an old childhood friend, Jason. At the end, however, poor young woman was double-crossed by him, and both she and her sister Colleen ended up as this cruel bastard's fucktoys.

Even though Jamie is still officially a free woman, she has nobody to locate and save her from Jason's secluded dungeon, where she is forced to serve him in the most degrading ways day and night.

Jamie Prexton
Slave name: Unregistered, officially a free woman
Age: 26
Hair: Auburn
Eyes: green
Owner/Master: Jason Mars (27) unofficial owner, current captor/rapist
Primary use: Anal fuckslave (virgin)
Secondary uses: flogging whore, toiletwhore
Preferred orifice: Asshole
Featured in: Slave Fair