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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Comic Release: Slave Fair Year 3


Slave Fair: Year Three is now available here:

Slave Fair series is kind of an outlier in my body of work. It is not character-heavy and it does not aspire to be "porn with plot". It is just silly fun. Basically It is an excuse to showcase all my nasty/nutty ideas without building clever stories around them. It also has a record number of cameos. I think half of the forumfolk is in there wandering the fairgrounds.

It has been about 6 years since the release of the second part of the series, so you will notice some improvement in the art department.

Because I had more fair-related ideas than expected, I sliced the material in half, and then organized both parts into different stories. The two parts are not related. This one is a classic Slave Fair, and the next one actually has a plot.

In this one, in addition to the usual heavy objectification/humililation/forced sex, you will find forced pregnancy, piercings, body modification, sterilization, whipping, chastity belts, bukkake, shibari, suspension, latex suits, nuns, tentacles, aliens, and simulated horror themes (just in time for Halloween too). You say that can't be done? I beg to differ.

You will also see how I dance around the rules in this one. I hope it won't be censored.

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Comic Release: The Birthday Gift 11 - Graduation

 Available here: http://www.erenischcomics.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=1185

This comic is my longest to date with 63 pages. I put a lot of self-references and George-Lucas-style plot rhymes in the story. I'm sure most of these will go unnoticed by newer converts, but I hope veterans will appreciate them. I included no cameos from the forumfolk in this one because it is already full to the brim with characters. All main BG characters appear in this story, except for a few who are either dead, or kidnapped by Sukoneryahskan mafia.

This is more or less the ending I had in mind from the start. As some of you already know, this saga is based on an unpublished comic of mine. The original was a very simple story and it was a lot shorter, but I somehow managed to replicate its major plot points throughout the BG series. When I made the first Birthday Gift, I wasn't planning to make it an eleven-part series. It could have stopped right there. But I kept going back to the characters I like most, so here we are. It must be over 550 pages now, even if you don't count the spinoffs.

The ending is not a traditional one. I designed it to have some kind of ambiguity. Some of you might get angry, some might have panic attacks. I expect riots on the streets. There is no need for panic, all will be fine. Take it easy. Drink some water.