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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Release: BG9 Vengeance

BG9: Vengeance is out. This episode is essential reading for the series.

A few episodes back I planned the series to end with BG9, but the plots changed and evolved. I ended up with 10 episodes-worth of material. This one answers a lot of questions about the characters and the setting. I finally had the opportunity to use some scenes I had to leave out in previous episodes and weave them into a meaningful story.


It is available at dofantasy.com.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

New Forum is coming.

New Forum will go live in a few days, mark your calendars with a huge, vague circle...

I do not think the topics from the old forum are compatible or transferable, so the best thing is recreating some essential topics over the new forum. I'd be happy if you too recreate some of your "essential" topics (Submitted fan stories come to mind.)

I hope to see all 1980 members of the old forum (minus the fake 1900 ones) register as soon as possible so we can reclaim the awesome community we created.

Stay tuned...

Friday, April 6, 2012

Cover Preview- BG9: Vengeance

I have finished the 9th episode of the Birthday Gift series just a few hours ago. I will send it out first thing tomorrow.

The episode title for BG9 is Vengeance. I was undecided between Vengeance and Karma until the last minute, but when I did the cover, it named itself... You'll see why both names could work when you read the comic.

This episode is particularly dark one. I crossed over to "psycho mode" at one point... Many of your questions about the BG series and the EC universe in general will be answered with this comic, hopefully.

(In other news, I'm working hard to set up a new forum before the release of the comic. My favorite part of making a comic is to chat about it after it is finished.)

Anyways, enjoy the cover while we wait for the actual release...