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Monday, November 15, 2010

Release: The Birthday Gift part 7 - The Exchange

The latest episode of "The Birthday Gift" series is now available. "The Exchange" introduces two young ladies to the reader, "Nathalie Levrette", a tropical beauty and "Ginger Singivera", a newly registered student at the high school (You had a glimpse of Ginger in BG5). I will not reveal the identity of the gift and some twists in the story, so you could enjoy the little moments of suspense in this one.


Recap and synopsis

A year ago, Maggie Sweetie was a carefree schoolgirl with good grades and a nice circle of friends... But her life took a bad turn when she was purchased by her neighbor as a birthday gift for his son Peter. Overnight, she became one of her classmates' property, his fuckslave. As she learned to serve her master in the most painful and humiliating ways, she witnessed her friends follow her horrible fate one after another.

After a long year she was now an experienced and well-trained slavegirl in her master's small personal harem, which later included some of her best friends and even her own mother Carol. Peter, together with his equally sadistic father, continued to use the women they own in the most perverted ways.

Exactly a year after Maggie's enslavement, Peter celebrates his 19th birthday. After a year of painful service Maggie hopes for some sympathy from her master, but Peter remains apathetic to the suffering of the poor slavegirl.

Maggie and her slave-mate Sherry also had to put up with the terrible attitude of Peter's girlfriend Anna, a mysterious foreign exchange student with an immunity from the compulsory female slavery law. Serving a free female is worse for the poor girls, especially one with violent sadistic tendencies and skills to abuse other females. Anna uses her status as Peter's girlfriend to play with girls, and even teaches them tricks to please herself.

Anna becomes more and more assertive, creating tension among Peter's slaves and friends alike. Hiding behind her immunity, she even insults male students and seduces female students with total disregard of the social norms. Eventually tensions flare in a friendly gathering, where Peter has a falling out with one of his closest friends.

The next morning, a hungover Peter finds another birthday gift wrapped up in his room. He was later reminded that at the previous night's party, when he was drunk out of his mind, he won a girl in a bet. Delighted with this unexpected addition to his personal harem, he immediately starts to take advantage of the young supple bodies of three of the most beautiful girls in his school.

BG7 is available here.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Update: The Birthday Gift 7- The Exchange

The latest episode of the The Birthday Gift Series is now done and sent to the publisher. It will probably be released sometime next week.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Previews of Coming Projects...

Images from the comic: "The CLINIC" (tentative title)

Rounds: Miss Hannah Cox after another operation.

Enthusiastic, caring staff of the clinic...

Images from the comic: FOR SALE!

Cindy is back from school, as Aunt Mabel cleans the house...

Cindy is lead to the school bus after a long day of studies...