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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Release: Sluts in Training part 1: The KENNELS

My new series "Sluts in Training" begins with the Kennels. The working title for this series used to be "Female (or woman) Training Basics" originally. But it didn't feel right, and I changed it several times.

"The Kennels" was a project I was planning to do since I finished "Slave Fair". I initially wanted to make it a Slave Fair spin-off (if you remember the road sign in SF, it was suggested that there were Kennels and Stables on the fairgrounds). It has since transformed into an independent project but you'll see several references to SF in this comic. (The sequel of SF, by the way, is on my to do list)

The heroine of this story is Miss Kimberly Muttsson, as revealed earlier. I kinda like her and want to use her in several other comics too, in roles big and small. Speaking of small roles, you may notice cameos of a few of my other characters in this story. I feel that I have enough parallel stories in this universe now, and crossovers can begin.

In summary, this story features forced sex and bondage (duh!), plus a lot of petplay, humiliation, orgies, etc...

Hope you enjoy it.

SiT1: The Kennels is available here.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Do we need a Forum?

My fellow sickos, I'm thinking about integrating a forum to this site, but I'm not sure if there is a real need. Please tell me if you think it is a good idea.

Also, when you are at it, let me know if you know any reliable free forum hosting sites that have no problem with adult content (blogger does not seem to have such a service).

Kimberly Muttson, your trusted news source

You have already met Miss Kimberly Muttson, celebrity reporter for local TV station Channel 12. She will be featured in a number of comics including "Sluts in Training part 1: the Kennels" and "Slave Fair part 2"... and may be others.

Miss Muttson was graduated from the Department of Journalism at the local University with high honors and immediately started to work at Channel 12. Her early successes as a reporter won her a huge following, and she got her own news show. City Report airs weekdays at 8:30 pm. Her celebrity secured her a limited contract with Channel 12, according to which her employer agreed to pay for her immunity from the "Compulsory Female Slavery Law", keeping the sexy young reporter free.

"SiT1: The Kennels" is done and sent to the publisher, so keep an eye on this blog or dofantasy.com for the coming release.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Update on progress..

I have finished coloring the comic. Now there is lettering, which I usually do lazily in a week.

After changing my mind a couple times, I finally named the comic "Sluts in Training". This episode will be "part 1: The Kennels".

After that I'll take a short break, and then start working on BG6 at the end of May...

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

News Update by Kimberly Muttson

Hello, I'm Kimberly Muttson, and you are watching the City Report.

Slavery Enforcement units of the BFA captured a group of rebel females hiding in a small town south to the capital yesterday. The Chief announced that the females were college students and all are virgins. As the Compulsory Slavery Law requires, their leader will be executed by gangrape, and the remaining girls will be sold to the public. The auction will be held on next Tuesday.

A recent study shows that enslavement rate among high school girls over 18 is increasing rapidly. Last year only 12% of legal high school girls were sex slaves. This year the rate increased radically, making the number 43%. Young girls are mostly enslaved by their classmates, and they make good gifts for men of all ages.

In other news, another Erenisch comic is in the works. This will be the first of a series of comics tentatively titled "Female Training Basics". Each episode will be focusing on a particular way of training females under the Compulsory Slavery Law, and provide valuable insight about the social order we live in. The comic is expected to be out in 4 to 5 weeks

Thank you for watching... I'm Kimberly Muttson, see you next time...