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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Update: The Birthday Gift 7- The Exchange

The latest episode of the The Birthday Gift Series is now done and sent to the publisher. It will probably be released sometime next week.


  1. Something has gone wonky on the forum again. It is not accepting replies or new threads...

    C'mon baby fight, don't die on me!

  2. All we can do is wait and see. It looks like a general problem with the host.

  3. Well now it's totaly inaccessible, atleast for me. To bad.

  4. Hey, look! There's a giant 7 on the cover!
    I'm so clever

  5. Erenisch, you`re the best, i totally love your work, especially the birthday gift series :)
    hope to see lots more of them.
    would love to see Anna being tortured and abused a lot.
    and, just an idea, but would be nice to see a small exchange, for example, for a weekend, peter and his dad exchange slaves, dad giving peter his mom and maggies mom as slaves for weekend in exchange for sherry for 2 days :)
    keep up the good work, best wishes :)