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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Release: The Clinic

The Clinic is now released by Dofantasy.

I have put down the plot and quickly penciled this comic back in Winter-Spring 2010. The initial title for the project was "BFA Hospital", but I changed it to "Project SNG3: Nurse 18" when it was drawn. As you can see, that was an awful title for a BDSM comic, so I shortened it to "Nurse 18" later. Still not happy with it, I finally renamed it to "The Clinic" as I started to paint. The lesson in this - Always keep it simple!

And I never seem to take that advice.

This comic has a lot of complex scenes. It looked like a good idea when plotting and penciling. But I cursed a lot to my past self while I was inking and painting it.

Anyways. It is packed with the stuff I like and I hope you will like it too.


Available here.

(You may also want to read the prelude story I posted a while ago. It loosely ties the end of SF2 to this comic)


  1. Just finished reading it and loved it. Loved especially the way you showed the transformation of the slaves, it was awesome. Probably my new favorite.


  2. Just finished it! Loved it! As a med student myself it did scare the sh*it out of me but otherwise absolutely loved it!
    Can't wait until you publish something else!