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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Comic Release: FOR SALE!

The first BG spinoff "FOR SALE!" starring our lovely Cindy is released by dofantasy today.

The story covers three days of the life of Cindy Leccacazzi, one of the last free female students of the Class of '38. You have already seen how hard her life was in the proper BG storyline, now you'll see the worst weekend she had.

I don't want to give too much detail and spoil the story for you. All I can say that it is packed with action. I am kind of satisfied with the art in this one myself. I worked harder on details in this one, hopefully with good results. The lettering was bit rushed this time and you may notice a few typos and missing prepositions here and there (unless the editors caught them all).

I hope you enjoy it.

It is available here: http://www.dofantasy.com/english/USAFC271ForSale.htm

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