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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Project previews: The Hotel, BG9, Ginger...

A few hardworking chambermaids drone around "the hotel". This comic is written, sketched and inked completely- only the coloring phase remains.

Maggie and Molly in BG9, contemplating the meaning of "irony". This scene will not be too long, but I like the intensity of it. Still inking together with BG10.

Ginger shortly after her initiation to the seminary. Her comic has about 10 pages inked.

I also keep working on the office comic, the Anna comic, Slavecop 2, and a couple others occasionally, adding pages and scenes - but it is too early to produce previews for those.


  1. When do you think they'll be out? Waiting impatiently for BG9 & 10.

  2. it is always informative to follow the project list at the forum. erenisch gives updates about release dates there.

    Mr GP