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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Forum Problems... %&@Q*

This time it looks like the guys running the site removed the links to the forum host from their main site, so I suspect it is abandoned for good. I was already fed up with the host, so I'll be looking for an alternative hosting service that is affordable and convenient. In the meantime, we can use the current one as an archive as long as it remains online.

Please leave comments here at the Blog if you have any suggestions for an alternative host that would allow adult content.


  1. It's a real shame. Perhaps whoever hosts the dofantasy forum would be able to host yours?

  2. http://cc.servik.com/ allow adult content but the adds are a pain in the arse

  3. There might be issues with cost, but I think I remember you saying Nuria was willing to co-host us?

    I would really hate to see the wonderful FRIENDLY community we've built here go away...

    - Den

  4. Use any free host that allowes PHP and at least one MySQL database (I used to use freehostia.com, check their terms of use for rules regarding adult content) and I can set up a forum for you using phpBB or any other free forum software.

    This way you can backup the forum content yourself, and in cas eseomthing goes wrong you can setup the forum somewhere else, keeping all the content created so far.


  5. Thank you all. I will try to find a no-cost solution, but I may end up with a low-cost one eventually. You see what happens to "free" services.

    So I'd like to hear about your personal experiences with low-cost hosts also. I have been planning to build a wiki too, if the host TOS and capacity allows it.

    I'm not going for the DOF option for now so I can keep my independence.

  6. I hope you don't have too much difficulty finding a solution. I really miss the forum! I've been writing my first story, set in the EC-Universe, which I'm hoping to post to the submissions subforum if and when it gets resurrected...

  7. Hope you find a suitable host.