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Monday, December 17, 2012

Release: Slavecop 2- The BREED

Slavecop 2: The BREED
(Whoa! They released the comic in less than 24 hours?!?!)

Agent-Slave Lidia Cumgulper is back... It has been a long while since she first appeared (not sure about the date but it was about 120 comics ago)... When the original slavecop was released it was not a big commercial success immediately (I was told), but the interest in the babes in blue-and-white grew a lot since then... (I'm thankful to those of you writing Slavecop-themed fan fiction: this comic has a few homages to you guys.)

Lidia and Anders are investigating an incident at a genetic research facility / breeding farm in this episode... It is a classic mystery in form and structure, or at least I tried to make it look like one... The story gave me the chance to show the insides of the SEFR building, and we get to see some other slavecops too. Some new ones, and some familiar ones. I also had the chance to sprinkle some sci-fi stuff in there, with occasional nods to the well-known classics of the genre.

(The comic also gave me the chance to showcase some future projects. I'm planning a comic starring Minerva (has a short scene in this one), and a comic dealing solely with a breeding farm... So any kind of feedback on those will be helpful...)

Anyways... I hope you enjoy this.

You can find it here...

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