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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Karma cover preview

The Anna comic - now has a proper title

The Anna comic is finished. It took a lot longer because I made it from scratch. (Generally I pile up scenes and sketches for multiple projects over time- so when I decide to do one of them, I have a good head start. I had minimal preparation for this one. )

The comic is called "Karma". That was actually the working title for BG9 when I first wrote it, but I opted for Vengeance at the last minute. I think Karma works for this one better anyway. 

I will pack this up and send it to the publisher tomorrow, so make your own calculations about the actual release date. As we all know, there is no reliable standard for these things.

Caveat emptor!  The story is probably the darkest one I ever wrote. It begins the day Anna was kidnapped, and ends a few weeks after the murder/arson... A lot of rough sex and violence in between.


  1. Great Story. I think you should do a sequel of the kennels! "Sluts in Training #3", all focused on those blonde top models pet slaves that Maria Di Fotze holds on a leash... A story about arrogant top models being reduced humble pets for rich mistress and masters, and humiliated in public. That will be awesome, dude!

  2. bitches with high fashion slave accessories, shoes, and fur coats! damn that will be G-R-E-A-T.

    think about it

  3. Thanks for the suggestions. You can see a list of the future projects at my forum: http://www.erenischcomics.com/forum/ (or click on the nurse on the right column.)