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Monday, November 25, 2013

Comic Release: The Bottom

The Bottom

It's available here

As the forumfolk know, the main themes of this comic (dumps and taxes) were suggested separately as jokes years ago. But I took them seriously. The "Something about Dumps and Taxes" project remained in my folder for more than a year, and after a couple of rewrites I decided that it can be turned into a full comic (Originally I was planning to insert a short dump scene in a larger story).

The story takes place in Snatchfield (see the map or the wiki page). I feel that most of the map remains unexplored, so why don't we expand our horizons a little. I imagine Snatchfield as a slightly larger city than Eville. It was once a huge industrial center, but now it is in a steady decline because the main focus of the economy shifted from manufacturing to female trade. (Eville, in comparison, continues to grow because of its slave-based economy)

The main character is Melanie Compter (forum/wiki), a college-educated, intelligent girl with a dark sense of humor. But more importantly, she is also a discarded sex slave. She is one of my favorite characters and I hope you like her as well.

This one has a lot of "realistic" images in it. Almost as many as BG8...

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