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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

"The Office" cover preview

Here is the cover for The Office.



  1. Cool, looking forward to read it soon.

    btw, I have been a fan of yours for the last four to five years, and while I do like the romance that is starting between Maggie and Peter, I kinda want to see more, I don't know, kindness? I don't mean from him per say, just in general. I like the S/M and Bondage all that cool stuff, but I find it hard to believe in this world that there isn't a SINGLE man who has a slave, but yet it fair and kind to her. I mean, this is just me and all, butif I was in this world and I had a slave girl, yes, I would do S/M and other bondage like stuff with her, but I would be kind and sweet to her and make sure that while I was whipping her and whatnot that she got some pleasure out of it too. Hell, Fandox in general has a lack of S/M relationships were the slave actually ENJOYS it. I would like to a maybe a spinoff of sorts were a nerdy boy is kind to his slave. If not a spinoff, than maybe a little segment? You of course don't have to do this at all since this is your comic and I probably alone here. Thanks for all the comic over the years and you are one of the reasons why I now adult RP with S/M.

  2. Thanks sameo15. You might get what you want soon. In the meantime, plaese visit my official website/forum here: