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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Comic release: Sluts in Training 3- The Dairy

 Sluts in Training 3: The Dairy is out. It is available here:


  1. Hi it's me again. I'm here with an idea for your sluts in training series. I was thinking about Katia, the car slave of one of your first comics in fansadox, about a mother and a daughter enslaved. I think it's a good idea descrive how does it work the world of car slaves, describe how they are trained to serve in a specific car model, describe their lives... they eat, sleep, suck end fuck in a car for all their life. how do they go to bathroom? there is something in the car to dispose of liquid and solid waste? there are special car wash where the girl are cleaned? it will be fun to put all of this in a fast and furios scenario and make other types of slaves: boat slaves, helicopter slaves, plane slaves, etc. Think about this I think is a good idea combine the elegance of the cars with the sensuality of the slaves

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