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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Comic Release: Slave Fair Year 3


Slave Fair: Year Three is now available here:

Slave Fair series is kind of an outlier in my body of work. It is not character-heavy and it does not aspire to be "porn with plot". It is just silly fun. Basically It is an excuse to showcase all my nasty/nutty ideas without building clever stories around them. It also has a record number of cameos. I think half of the forumfolk is in there wandering the fairgrounds.

It has been about 6 years since the release of the second part of the series, so you will notice some improvement in the art department.

Because I had more fair-related ideas than expected, I sliced the material in half, and then organized both parts into different stories. The two parts are not related. This one is a classic Slave Fair, and the next one actually has a plot.

In this one, in addition to the usual heavy objectification/humililation/forced sex, you will find forced pregnancy, piercings, body modification, sterilization, whipping, chastity belts, bukkake, shibari, suspension, latex suits, nuns, tentacles, aliens, and simulated horror themes (just in time for Halloween too). You say that can't be done? I beg to differ.

You will also see how I dance around the rules in this one. I hope it won't be censored.

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