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Thursday, December 21, 2017

Comic Release: THE GAME

Available here...

Keywords: M/f, M/fff, MF/f, MF/ff, f/f (mass) training, (mass) bondage, gags, fucking machines, submission, discipline, humiliation, psychological torture, r@pe, slavegirls, intrigue, mind-tricks, switching, forced orgasm, edging, trace amounts of fantastic elements, and a single petgirl, etc

The Game is the latest installment in the "Sherry saga" that spins off from The Favorite and continues with The Hotel, The Society, and The Office. (I considered several other names such as The Score, The Reunion, The Family, and Sherry's Game, which are also fine I guess). This comic follows the events that unfold at the end of The Office, so I suggest you review it's last scene before reading this. This one works by itself too, so no need to worry if you are a newcomer to the series.

The story is about the Potts women: Sherry, her sister Cherry and their mother Melinda. Peter and his slaves are away, busy at the Slave Fair and other places, so don't expect to see them in this one. Paul's harem is around for your viewing pleasure. A number of new interesting ideas (I think) will be introduced in this story, some of which will be fully fleshed out in later comics.


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