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Sunday, April 8, 2012

New Forum is coming.

New Forum will go live in a few days, mark your calendars with a huge, vague circle...

I do not think the topics from the old forum are compatible or transferable, so the best thing is recreating some essential topics over the new forum. I'd be happy if you too recreate some of your "essential" topics (Submitted fan stories come to mind.)

I hope to see all 1980 members of the old forum (minus the fake 1900 ones) register as soon as possible so we can reclaim the awesome community we created.

Stay tuned...


  1. Rufus

    Excellent news, it will be good to re-establish the old forum camaraderie. It will (apparently) slow down future comic production however going by the speed that the latter stags of BG 9 were completed

  2. Great news!

    Can't wait for this and for BG9! :-)