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Monday, December 28, 2009

Slavegirl Profile: Lidia Gulfer

As smart as she is gorgeous, Lidia successfully got in a prestigious university and started to study for a degree in nuclear physics. However, the untimely death of her father left her without any male relatives or money to pay for her freedom, and eventually she was forcefully enslaved by the Bureau of Female Affairs (BFA) according to the Compulsory Female Slavery Law of 2022.

After surviving the basic slave obedience training at the local BFA facility, she was enlisted by the chief of the Slavery Enforcement and Fugitive Retrieval Unit (SEFR) of the BFA, commonly known as the Slavecops. Lidia was then put through an intensive training program and became an Agent-slave, a whore-hound who hunts down runaway cunts. After being gangraped in her "Devirginization Ceremony", she was assigned to Agent Anders as a slave, to serve him as a cocksucker when patrolling.

Name: Lidia Gulfer
Slave name: Cumgulper
Slave title: Agent-slave, 1st degree
Age: 19
Hair: Light Brown
Eyes: Blue
Owner/Master: legally owned by Slavery Enforcement and Fugitive Retrieval Unit (SEFR), currently used by Agent Anders.
Special Training: SEFR fugitive-tracking course, Bureau of Female Affairs basic obedience training (BOT 101), advanced cocksucking techniques.
Primary use: Elite slave-hunter
Secondary uses: patrol-car cocksucker, office whore, party treat
Preferred orifice: All holes, capable of satisfying multiple masters
Featured in: Slavecop


  1. Can't wait to read it. Sounds like one of your best yet.

  2. It looks cool, this one

  3. very nice cop, if i created her uniform i attached a ballgag with the police flag

  4. Dude, you are getting great at this. It looks better than the rest of your artwork

  5. Just read it. Fantastic art, heavy metal restraints, sex machines what more could I want?

    More please!

  6. Great comic! Could be your best one yet. Please keep them coming. Thanks.

  7. Hi all and greetings Erenisch,

    With her blue eyes, her gorgeous body and her "docile temperament", Lidia could be Cumbunny's sister (and we all love the sweet Maggie ! )

    And, for our great pleasure, she is an action girl and it is very exciting to see her in peril ^_^

    This cute babe is one of my favorite and it is good to know that we will see her again soon.