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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Favorite Birthday Gift Character Poll Results are in

Thank you for everybody who voted for a favorite birthday gift girl. The girls are delighted by the interest you have taken in them. They would happily serve each of you as your fucktoys to thank you fully, if only they weren't just toons.
Here is what they had to say, after learning the results of the poll;

"Thank you very much, dear masters, for thinking so highly of this worthless little cunt. Your humble servant Cumbunny is surprised and pleased to see so many masters think that she is an attractive slut. This little cunt will work harder to perfect her obedience and service to become worthy of this generous praise by her superiors..."
Maggie 'Cumbunny', first place with 31 percent of the votes

"Whatever. I don't really care how many of you cruel monsters think that I'm an attractive and fuckeable slut. I don't care if I'm legally a property to be used as a sextoy. No matter how many times you punish me by a fat cock up my ass, or a rough whip on my tits, this slavecunt will never fully submit to you. I hope you rot in hell for treating a girl like a pet..."
Sherry 'Slutkitten', second place with 23 percent of the votes

"Oh? Does this mean that this cunt had been serving her master satisfactorily? Thank you masters, for voting for this lowly fuckslave. This little cunt may be lacking in experience, but she is doing her best to satisfy her master's desires no matter how humiliating or painful they are. This humble slavegirl belongs to her master with all her body..."
Tawnie 'Puppycunt', third place with 23 percent of the votes.

"This lowly, worthless, mindless whore is eternally grateful for the high honor her masters bestowed upon her. This stupid bitch is your most obedient, servile fucktoy, she belongs to you for realizing your darkest, cruelest, most painful fantasies. Since she is no longer as fresh or as beautiful as a young schoolgirl, she would be happy to be fucked in the most degrading ways in order to be reminded of her place as an overused whore-hag."
Molly 'Kittywhore', fourth place with 17 percent of the votes

The results in order (voters could choose multiple favorites)
1) Maggie (Cumbunny) - 31%
2) Sherry (Slutkitten) - 23%
3) Tawnie (Puppycunt) - 23%
4) Molly (Kittywhore) - 17%
5) Heather (Sluttypig)- 13%
6) Hannah Cox (Cockharlot)- 12%
7) Gwendoline (Foxycunt) - 9%
8) Regina (Sluttycow)- 9%
9) Claire (Fuckpuppet) - 8%

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