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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Poll: Choose your LEAST favorite Birthday Gift character.

I have added a new poll to see which characters are the least favorite in the Birthday Gift series. I feel the comic has too many characters as it is and I'm planning to eliminate a few of them in the coming episodes. Your feedback may also help create new storylines.

Please vote on the sidebar, and maybe leave a comment if you'd like to explain your choices.


  1. The principal should go and before he does he should give Regina back to Peter. It would be nice seeing Peter keep a milf slave.

    or maybe when peter goes to college mr. stevenson can give him tawnie

  2. Hi ERENÄ°SCH.. I like to BG5 and wonderful new char. Anna.. I can not imagine in front of Peter's Anna to use Molly.. Also Anna is nasty char., must be punished. Perhaps Mr.stevenson can do that with Peter.. And perhaps Anna may Peter's new step mother.. Second new milf char. C.C. also great.. And may be a possible daughter join his. And need to go char. Sally and Polly.. I wish you good work !

  3. Lose Steven
    But keep Gwen

  4. man i am a fan of your work, i have started readying these "kind" comics only after readying your stuff. birthday gift was the hot one, slave fair too was a knocker.i might also suggest a vacation for peter n his girlfriend to get more location n more character offcourse not without maggie and sherry. also you can make maggie like peter more, as you have already made maggy jealous of peter's new gf :P, keep making these hot comiXX man

  5. Hi, you are one of my big favorites. I agree with the idea of focusing on fewer girls.

    On the other hand you can bring in a new free caracter, lets say Patricia, coming from oversees to visit a relative, with no idea about the real status of women in here. Than, step by step, coerced, induced, forced or blackmailed she loses each time more her free mind ( and her clothes)she resits each time less to feel ups and advances getting thus bolder, to end up at the end of a leash crawling next to that very relative she were visiting.

    Keep on doing, you are wonderful,


  6. The twins must go. Ana must be enslaved.

  7. This poll freaked me out at first. Almost every named character has development. Each character has a place in the story, I am now more interested in the story arcs and the characters then the porn aspect. (I'd love a novel set in this world) Erenisch, if you are going to shake things up, do it magnificently.
    "No. I AM your father!"
    "Bruce Willis has been dead the whole time?!"
    "Wait. HE'S Tyler Durden?"
    Fuck us up. Make us stop fapping and scroll back "That can't be right. I must not have read something."
    Also I'm quite grateful for this blog and the candy it has. Loving the profiles and the full page pics especially.
    Thank you, thank you.

  8. Please don't lose the Anderson twins! Although they have never been part of the core storyline they have featured in some of your best 1/2 and 3/4 page panels, plus they make fantastic background fixtures.

  9. Don't agree. Lose the Andersons and bring in others. The house is too crowded.

  10. I'd retire the principal and send him away with regina, sell Hannah to someone as you suggested in the last comic. Vice principal becomes the principal, makes it worse for the girls.

    Also, that Steven is annoying. He does not deserve Gwen. I like that redheaded fox.

  11. One funny thing I just noticed. Only the males on the list have descriptions after their names. 'Ok, so we mainly know the guys by their roles.' Hhmm...why doesn't any female need a description?
    Oh, I know every females name, owned name, history(social and sexual), attitude and current situation.