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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Poll Results: Least favorite BG character

The results are in. Although the votes are quite evenly distributed among the girls, it seems a few characters are less popular than the others. Andersonn Twins, Regina, Molly, and Anna got the most votes. Chrissy and Cathy do not seem to be very popular either.

Most people wanted to give the boot to Anna, who happens to be the only free female character with a strong will and sadistic personality. Turns out, you BDSM-loving people are indeed misogynistic sickos :) ... Sorry people, but I have some long-term plans for Anna. I'll keep her for the moment.

I have already announced that Molly will be heavily featured in the 6th episode, so she won't be going anywhere in the near future.

Among the rest of the female characters, two will be cut off. (Not because the poll says, it was already in the plot of the 6th episode, which is waiting to be inked). You can go ahead and guess, but I will not confirm if you get it right.

And you tried to vote off all the male characters. What do you expect to have after that? A lesbian orgy? Hey, that sounds like a good idea, actually:) .. Anyways, I will shake things up in a couple episodes, so do not worry about them.


  1. And they tried to vote off Maggi and Sherri. Shame on them :)))


  2. Forget about what these people say, it's your comic. I love the idea of a girlfriend for peter.

    If you do care for public opinion, however, I still want to see breeder slaves! :D

    And the whole veterinary thing...


  3. Even so, I will take a shot: Regina and Hannah...

    Yoop de hoop

  4. Anyone but the twins. :(

  5. Don't get rid of Molly or Regina we need more mom slaves.

    I really want to see a society with pregnant moms being naked and walking on all fours. Especially with moms of teenagers.

    Father and son can be walking while his mother is crawling naked

  6. My observations about the results...

    1. Mr.Stevenson why getting the highest votes, those who voted want see peter's to f.ck molly ! Sorry, but if you have objections talk to FREUD...

    2. I can say the reason of the votes went to other men, jealousy !

    3. I think the vote went Regina's owners are known by name Regina, may have been familiar... Because, my opinion the Regina most sexy char. in this story.

    (My English might be a little worse, but I guess you have to understand what I mean.)

  7. You have mentioned that a new milf character will be introduced in the next episode. So I'm guessing one of the milf characters will be leaving to make space. İf Molly is safe, Regina is the one to go. And for the second, I'm guessing one of the teachers. Probably Hannah Cox will be sold. So the principal will be looking for new pussy.

  8. I agree that Regina is a sexy character. But it is hard to integrate her back to the main story, is it not?

  9. There is no problem with the school being crowded. But Peter's house is too crowded. So a couple of the slaves of the Stevensons will go. One of the twins maybe. Sınce Maggy is the original slave, I think Sherry will be sold or killed.


  10. I think the only reason the twins got votes at all is because we hardly see them , and you cant slipt the twins, I like all the characters , especailly maggie and sherry , gwen should be more like sherry as she thought she would be saved by her mommy , if anyone should leave the household it should be Tawnie , she is the last in house , first to go .

  11. Lose the principal and the vice principal. They fill no good dramatic purpose other than to show how sexistic the world are. The have never had anything to do with the real story about Peter and his slaves. His father on the other hand has good potential as a mentorfigure to make Peter even more sadistic and merciless against women.

  12. I would love to see you guys do an exchange between Heather and Sherri, or between Maggie and Gwen, but I think it was already mentioned in the 6th ... anyway Maggie and Sherri should remain Peter's they are salt and pepper story, perhaps mention that Sherri would be trained faster

  13. and most importantly, thank you erenisch for created a story so interesting and so intense eroticism - that birthday gift - though all are good, not to be understood graders, You're the best, keep it up

  14. Thanks a lot. the next episode will include some of that...

  15. Please do more with Anna do like a backstory with her and Steven i would like to know what happens to her when he has her (: