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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Mini Magazine: Cumbunny Special!

Here is the second special issue dedicated to the Birthday Gift girls. This time I compiled numerous images of Cumbunny doing the nasty. If your favorite is Maggie, I'm sure you'll like it.

Either click on the image or follow the link below to download the file.


File size: 13 Mb
Pages: 8



  1. ERENISCH , I really enjoy your birthday gift story , just wondering though , are you going to do a prequel where we see how the twins where made slaves , and are you in future stories going to make Regina ( mom ) and Gwen ( daughter ) have to have sex with each other ??? , and I like the new girl Ginger who was added into the 5th story , can't wait to see what happens to her

  2. Also are you going to bring Sheery's sister who is her fathers slave back into the storys again soon , maybe sherry finds out at an orgy that peter takes them to and she finds her sister and father there together ???? - Paul W

  3. Hey Paul,
    I'm not thinking about a prequel at this time, since I have a lot of stories lined up. There could a be a short flashback, maybe.

    A like the mother-daughter dynamic, so Regina and
    Gwen will most likely be sharing a scene in the coming episodes.

    When I was doing the 5th episode, I was planning Ginger to be the next gift, but the 6th episode went completely to an unexpected direction. So she will be featured later on the storyline.

    And good idea about Cherry. I'll see what I can do.

  4. tonight i have a some qwestion arter read this

    first i think when girls have so mutch sex i think some day they can be pregant that whats be wits her shes be aborted or no
    if now whats be wits her childrens espesialy if the are be boys

  5. I mentioned in one of my previous comics that the food the slavegirls are given is loaded with contraceptives. So, no unwanted pregnancies. It is the master's choice to impregnate or not.