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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Update on progress..

I have finished coloring the comic. Now there is lettering, which I usually do lazily in a week.

After changing my mind a couple times, I finally named the comic "Sluts in Training". This episode will be "part 1: The Kennels".

After that I'll take a short break, and then start working on BG6 at the end of May...


  1. Thanks for the update...I'm all for breaks, but please keep it short!

  2. hey erenisch, i ama a bigfan of yours. a question- are you drawing freely or are you using photos as reference - cannot wait for thenext comic


  3. Looking forward for the training episode. ;) Thanks for your work.

  4. Maya, I generally draw without reference except my own imagination, but yes, I do use photo references occasionally.

    I do have notebook that I sketch down scenes and figures when I see a picture I like. Those among you with a careful eye and an extensive porn collection would be able to pick'em in my comics.

    Just because you asked, I went back and checked. I had 7 of those in the coming comic.

  5. Dear Erenisch
    I loved your new work. Awesome.
    If the company pays their female worker freedom fees why don't you make the boss abuse them whilst free? He could gradually make his reporter, including their(female)family into living sex toys without legally ensalving them.
    Would be extremly erotic,

    Good work.