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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Release: Sluts in Training part 1: The KENNELS

My new series "Sluts in Training" begins with the Kennels. The working title for this series used to be "Female (or woman) Training Basics" originally. But it didn't feel right, and I changed it several times.

"The Kennels" was a project I was planning to do since I finished "Slave Fair". I initially wanted to make it a Slave Fair spin-off (if you remember the road sign in SF, it was suggested that there were Kennels and Stables on the fairgrounds). It has since transformed into an independent project but you'll see several references to SF in this comic. (The sequel of SF, by the way, is on my to do list)

The heroine of this story is Miss Kimberly Muttsson, as revealed earlier. I kinda like her and want to use her in several other comics too, in roles big and small. Speaking of small roles, you may notice cameos of a few of my other characters in this story. I feel that I have enough parallel stories in this universe now, and crossovers can begin.

In summary, this story features forced sex and bondage (duh!), plus a lot of petplay, humiliation, orgies, etc...

Hope you enjoy it.

SiT1: The Kennels is available here.


  1. Great!
    I do love when you have them doing regular jobs (like teaching, cop, reporter, waitress etc) while being toyed with and/or available all the time (really loved the scene when Anders and the boss used agent Cumgulper when discussing the case, and Anders then borrowing some office supplies home...). Even better when they're 'equipped' with some sort of restraints and/or painful toys (preferably high heels and gigantic dildos & spiked butt plugs. really like but plugs) under normal clothes.
    Also liked the idea of regular punishment hinted on in 'Slavecop' (there was something about a regular number of lashes each day or week) that the sluts have to stoically endure. Like the morning blowjob Cockharlot has to give the principal before work each day.
    Thus, loved the first part of 'Slavecop'. (The second part, about the cult, wasn't my cup of tea.)

  2. whats next the stables

  3. NikVil - speaking my mind. :)

  4. then maybe do a pig pen one, and a jungle one

  5. hey did you check out that japanese porn I mentioned

    Ranch of petgirls 1 human livestock
    Ranch of Petgirls 2 human livestock

    serious both were really good

  6. I have just looked up some screenshots of that movie. Is that a reporter covering a pet obedience school? So much for originality!

    You ruined my day, Matt!

  7. Basically yes you should download it, it only gets better.

  8. why is this comic labeled 228 when the one before it is 226

  9. Because it is so good, it counts as two comics.

    (well, I have no idea. You have to ask the publisher about that)

  10. I second Matt idea of the next SiT to be a pig pen one; sluts pigs eating rotten food thrown at them...licking the trainers piss from bowls when their thirsty...you get the picture.
    Keep up the good work!

  11. Has this comic appeared in the magazine yet?

  12. Liked the first comic very much, hope the second comic is just a continue of the first, so no new story just a further part of the good story.

  13. I love how you provided some ethnic diversity.

    And the pregnancy at the end was great. But how is she gonna be in next comic if she is pregnant. Will she be pregnant in the next comic or just given birth. (On the disclamer page you could say the infants were portrayed by puppets.)

    also it might be nice to see to see an 18 year old school girl with her petgirl mother. Maybe taking her mother for a walk

  14. Beautiful!
    I really really liked this comic...your best...
    Especially, liked the scenes:
    1. When Kim was tricked and enslaved
    2. When she was treated like a dog-puppy, with tail, kneeling, dogs muzzle...
    3. when she was enabled to walk...because this made her a real puppy (with all that she experienced)
    4.and the end was the greatest...

    All together, from a reporter to a puppy...great idea and nice work...
    Wish You all the best...

  15. Glad you liked it. I hope you like ponies too... Stay tuned.