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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

News Update by Kimberly Muttson

Hello, I'm Kimberly Muttson, and you are watching the City Report.

Slavery Enforcement units of the BFA captured a group of rebel females hiding in a small town south to the capital yesterday. The Chief announced that the females were college students and all are virgins. As the Compulsory Slavery Law requires, their leader will be executed by gangrape, and the remaining girls will be sold to the public. The auction will be held on next Tuesday.

A recent study shows that enslavement rate among high school girls over 18 is increasing rapidly. Last year only 12% of legal high school girls were sex slaves. This year the rate increased radically, making the number 43%. Young girls are mostly enslaved by their classmates, and they make good gifts for men of all ages.

In other news, another Erenisch comic is in the works. This will be the first of a series of comics tentatively titled "Female Training Basics". Each episode will be focusing on a particular way of training females under the Compulsory Slavery Law, and provide valuable insight about the social order we live in. The comic is expected to be out in 4 to 5 weeks

Thank you for watching... I'm Kimberly Muttson, see you next time...


  1. What are the ways to train females under the Compulsory Slavery Law?

  2. So is all the stuff in the first paragraph gonna be in this comic, or was that just included for this "news story"?

  3. Awesome.


  4. No, the first paragraph is not in this comic but in another one coming after. The tentative production line up is: Female Training Basics, BG6, Slave Fair 2, BG7, Slavecop 2... (all plots are ready. BG6 drawn but not colored)

  5. Can't wait

  6. When working with Fansadox, are there times where you will have a comic finished, yet it's release is delayed?

  7. There is always a delay, generally a week or two, since they do some editing and formatting after I deliver. It depends on their workload I guess.

  8. by the way till we wait for BG6
    try to read this nice story that i fount in the internet