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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Slavegirl Profile: Maggie Sweetie

A stunning beauty and a math genius, Maggie had always been a popular student at the infamous Erenisch High School. A personal favorite of Ms. Hannah Cox, her math instructor, she dreamed of getting college education and becoming an engineer.

However, the life of the carefree blonde took a drastic turn after she turned 18, as her parents decided to sell her in order to buy a new sports car. She was the birthday gift for Peter Stevenson, the dorky classmate she barely noticed at school.

Young blonde beauty learned the meaning of being a sex slave quickly and painfully as her master, together with his family, started to use and abuse her fresh body, treated her as the family pet and a cheap whore, and often punished her in the most inhumane ways.

Name: Margaret Sweetie
Slave name: Cumbunny
Age: 18
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Owner/Master: Peter Stevenson (18)
Primary use: Personal Fuckslave
Secondary uses: Puppy girl, maidslave, wake-up cocksucker
Preferred orifice: Pussy
Featured in: Birthday Gift Parts 1-4


  1. Can you make a story with a black or an asian slave girl. Men like variety

  2. I second that, I would love a black slave girl in the mix.

  3. Maggie is my favorite one so cute and obedient slave ...
    In my opinion they deserved more from Peter's kindness, such as a place in his bed at night, or some proper food ... in any dressage whip is used but so sugar isn't?