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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Release: The Birthday Gift part 5: Teacher's Pet

Fifth part of "The Birthday Gift" series is finally out. In addition to Cumbunny and Slutkitten, young Math teacher Miss Chrissy Cummings and the new Eastern European exchange student Anna are the main characters in this episode.It is now available at Dofantasy.com.

Enjoy... And feel free to leave a comment or a short review if you like.

Setting: Erenischian Future
By the year 2022, many countries have passed the 'Compulsory Female Slavery Law' that legalizes the sexual use and trade of nubile women over 18 years of age.

When a girl reaches slavery age, she can be bought and sold, hired and whored, and be used in every imaginable way. She becomes her owner’s personal property.

Storyline recap for episodes 1-4:
The boring Life of dorky high school student Peter Stevenson changes on his 18th birthday, when he gets his first slave Maggie as a gift from his parents. Peter’s small slave harem grows as his father buys him the most popular girl in the school, Sherry. The boy enjoys taming the haughty and defiant girl until she submits to perform the duties of a slave.

Meanwhile, the school hires a new, strict vice-principal who increases the pressure on the poor schoolgirls. Two friends, Gwen and Tawnie become his first victims. However, Gwen is saved by her mother, and Tawnie was 'saved' by Peter before the vice principal could enslave the scared girls. After stealing Tawnie, Peter finally has the opportunity to return the favor to his father as he presents the 18-year-old beauty to him, as a Birthday Gift.

Boys being boys, Peter and friends are not satisfied with their toys and look for new thrills. Steve convinces Peter to go for a little home invasion and the two boys break into Gwen's house. After a violent, night-long rape, both Gwen and her beautiful mother Regina end up as sex slaves.

(Birthday Gift series is available here: Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part5...)


  1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  2. Hey Rak, The idea you have described is almost exactly what my next comic is about. I have deleted your comment for security reasons (I do not want my storyline idea stolen before I finish it, happened before - ruining and postponing one of my projects), but you'll be happy to see that my next series will match your fantasies. Thanks for the comment.

  3. Awesoooome.

    I can't wait.


  4. Hi, I a big fan. I buy everything you do, also I but most of templeton and fernando comics from fansadox. I do not know if anoyone else noticed this, but you are a big influence on templeton and fernando, judging by the change in their styles and stroytelling techniques lately. Sometimes they are simpy copying scenes and words.

    When you said someone stole your ideas, did you mean fernando's consifcated twins comic? because it is almost exactly a rip off from your birthday gift story.


  5. yes, I agree. invaders is kind of a rip off too.

  6. You should hold a contest winners get a free scan of your comic

  7. You may be surprised to learn that I do not actually follow other artists, including the two you have mentioned. I do not own any of their comics. But I do recognize their art and have a basic idea about their styles from the ad pages at fansadox.

    When someone let me know that a story of Fernando looked a lot like the Birthday Gift last year, I inquired -and the publisher sent me a copy to inspect.

    I think Fernando is a very good artist. His girls are very beautiful, slender and graceful. And his story is quite original - only similarity is that the hero of the comic is a dorky student whose father gives him sex slaves for his 18th birthday instead of a car, and he abuses them at school, humiliates them in public, shares them with his friends, walks them like puppies, etc.

    Other than that, the story is completely different than the Birthday Gift. :)

  8. A contest? All right... Whoever buys one of comics at dofantasy.com wins the contest.

    But seriously, When I sell my comics to the publisher, they own it. I cannot give out copies of any of them.

  9. Bummer I like your comics, but 30 dollars is rather expensive

  10. Out of curiosity, what do the economics actually looks like? What are your rates for a comic of that size Erenisch?

  11. Hey Erenisch, I have seen both comics and I agree with the earlier comment that fernando ripped of your comic almost entirely. Some panels are exactly the same. Invaders too look like a rip off. I guess it was inspired by your less known Slavemart. I can send you a copy if you want to check out.


  12. I don't agree that fernando rips off any comic. His stories are pretty original. What, is fernando plagiarizing erenisch because one of his comics are set in the future? That's ridiculous. It's like saying erenisch plagiarizes Isaac Asimov. Ferndando's comics are way different from those of erenisch.

    Saying that fernando is copying erenisch's comics because of slaves in the future is as dumb as saying that he's copying erenisch because both comics contain BDSM material.

    Erenisch and Fernando are my favorite artists from dofantasy.com
    Although Templeton is a great artist, his stories feel all the same. Cagri's strories/situations are also too similar. Erenisch and Fernando, however, are great because they both make unique stories and have great ways of picturing those stories. Each comic of theirs is unique. I love how erenisch builds a whole world and the cute looking girls he draws. I also really like how fernando draws facial expressions and how, he makes up a truly unique story.

    Do not say one copies the other. It's not true.

    BTW, erenisch. I'm an amateur artist/writer and I'd like to hear your opinions on dofantasy as a publisher. Mind sharing info?


  13. Hey Rak. I also like Fernando too. That is why I buy his stuff too. But it is more than obvius that specific comic is a rip off. just read it and see. I am talking about confiscated twins.

    I agree with you about templeton. He is a good artist but all feels the same.


  14. People, I'd rather hear about your opinions about my current comic, and not a discussion about other artists's works. I thank you all for your concern.

    This is just BDSM comics, and there are only so much ways to tie a girl up. Some stories are bound to look like others. I'd only be happy if others are inspired by what I do, because I have my inspirations too.


  15. In that case, allow me to say this episode is one of the best of the BG. I especially like the Anna character. I do like girls dominating girls as much as men dominating girls. But I do hope Anna too will become Peter's slave in the future. fingers crossed.

    Thanks for the superb job! Your images get better and better with every comic.

    brigitte f. (yes, I am a sub chick)

  16. I liked the comic very much too. As the series goes, this is my second favorite after the 4th part. I'm a Regina fan and I want to see her more. Tawnie too.


  17. to erinsich why dont u have one of the girls in the birthday gift get sold to be used as a public sex toy in a bathroom and ahow her plight from there.

    ps. thank u for the great comic your story and artwork are great

  18. Hey, what happened to Lucy?

  19. There was a very short scene with Lucy and Sylvia in the 5th episode, but I had to cut it to make space. I'll put that scene in another episode.

  20. philandering philanthropist3/23/2010 3:18 AM

    Hey Erenisch, I know you did not want this to be the topic, but I wanted to mention about something about the commenter that suggested fernando copies your works. I'm a fan of boy you and him, and I have seen all your works. And I can say that your consistent plots and universe-building is at least an inspiration for fernando. I'm not saying he is copying you, but it seems like he reads your comics. Before seeing the confiscated twins story I thought you guys at dofantasy had some kind of common vision of the future, but I guess that was not the case. I can give the other commented that story was a little to similar to yours but other than that fernando has a very original and great style.

  21. I had the chance to see the invader series, and I do not think it is a rip off. It appears fernando also imagines a future where slavery is legal, but it is not something I own. If I thought that I'd be ripping off someone else.

    I do like fernando and his style, he seems intelligent as he is talented, judging by the sample of his work I had the chance to see.

  22. i just bought and read the comic. it is great to have a character like Anna. i cant wait to see the next episode. thanks.


  23. you mention that you have inspirations. Would you mind telling who?

    eddd again

  24. cool comic. count me as a fan of this series.