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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Poll Results

This month's poll closed with 240 votes just a few hours ago. Most of you want to see more episodes of The Birthday Gift and Slave Fair, and Slavecop is the third popular so far. That is the result I hoped for, since Birthday Gift has already has a couple episodes lined up, and I have the plot for the next Slavecop episode. I have not thought of anything for a Slave Fair sequel yet, but it is now on my to do list. Also, Slave Fair fans would be satisfied with my next project (unnamed for security purposes) that will follow Birthday Gift part 5 this spring. Peace.

The results;

1) Slave Fair 108 votes (%45)
2) The Birthday Gift 103 voltes (%43)
3) Slavecop 54 v0tes (%22)
4) Family Slave Set 40 votes (%16)
5) Slavemart 39 votes (%16)
6) Frankie Steinn's Monster 37 votes (%15)
7) Roommates 34 votes (14%)
8) Bureau of Female Affairs 12 votes (%5)


  1. Any idea on a rough release schedule. I look forward to your publications and buy them all without even looking at previews beforehand.

  2. I second the above.

  3. It generally takes me to finish a comic about a month. So I will be finished with episode 5 in 2-3 weeks. I cannot give you even a rough schedule because I do not know when exactly fansadox would release it. Those folks there have their own schedule to follow.

  4. I know what your secret project is.

  5. I know you do. That was a good guess. You are getting hits with other guesses too. Get out of my mind dude.

  6. Did I get the name right to

  7. Nah, that is harder to guess.

  8. Shoot! I voted for Slavecop twice.

    brigitte f.