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Monday, January 4, 2010

Slavegirl Profile: Jamie Prexton

Always good at managing her family funds, Jamie successfully invested the money her family left her to secure her freedom for a couple of years. When she got her 2-year exemption from the compulsory female slavery law, she started to save money for her little sister Colleen who was about to turn 18. However, she was late to do so, and Colleen was captured by slavetraders shortly after her 18th birthday.

When she learned that Colleen would be sold by Skoolsluts Slavegirl Company at the Annual Slave Fair, Jamie tried to buy her sister back with the help of an old childhood friend, Jason. At the end, however, poor young woman was double-crossed by him, and both she and her sister Colleen ended up as this cruel bastard's fucktoys.

Even though Jamie is still officially a free woman, she has nobody to locate and save her from Jason's secluded dungeon, where she is forced to serve him in the most degrading ways day and night.

Jamie Prexton
Slave name: Unregistered, officially a free woman
Age: 26
Hair: Auburn
Eyes: green
Owner/Master: Jason Mars (27) unofficial owner, current captor/rapist
Primary use: Anal fuckslave (virgin)
Secondary uses: flogging whore, toiletwhore
Preferred orifice: Asshole
Featured in: Slave Fair


  1. I'd love to see what happens next for Jamie and her sister


  2. hi erenisch. do you do custom comission work? how do i contact you to work detaisl?

  3. I'll be doing commission work soon, I'm just too busy with other projects right now. I'll announce the contact details when ready.