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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Update: Upcoming Birthday Gift episodes

The mini poll I took to see which Birthday Gift characters were popular among the readers ended couple weeks ago. The results were not too surprising - Maggie, Sherry and Tawnie are the most popular of the young slavegirls, and Molly is the major favorite of milf-lovers.
I have already done the plots and stories of the next two episodes. For those of you wondering which characters will have more "screen time" in the coming episodes, here are some hints.
BG episode 5:
In addition to Maggie and Sherry, a new major character will be introduced. And she will be unique in terms of her personality and function in the plot. The focus will also be on Miss Chrissy Cummings, the young Math teacher who was introduced in Episode 4. Tawnie, Regina, Gwen, Claire, Heather and many other lovely girls at the school will appear also.
BG episode 6:
Maggie, Sherry, Gwen and Heather will be used together in a very special place by their masters. Tawnie and Molly will be important to the plot of this episode, and appear in length. But the main focus will be on an intriguing new character who is a very sexy milf...

Please let me know what you think, leave a comment...


  1. Sounds great Erenisch, I'm a huge fan of your comics and will be looking forward to the next two episodes...

    An idea though: There aren't really any comics on Dofantasy that really create a believable world. Doing one that, say, followed a tourist around as he explored an Erenischian city would, I think, give better perspective on your other comics. Just have the guy wander through stores, hospitals, schools, courthouses, police stations, etc., so it can be easily seen how daily life is changed. Just an idea, and I'll leave it to you since you've done an excellent job so far.


  2. Thanks a lot. Believe it or not, I have an unpublished comic exactly like that. It is an old and very badly drawn one, so I will redo that story eventually. But do not hold your breath, because I have a lot of stuff waiting in line. :)

  3. I've got two random thoughts that I'd love to see as part of your comics:

    1) Maybe smaller & more realistic breasts on some of the characters? Not all of course, but a few of them :-)

    2) Some more exotic characters, asian, indian, latina would all be pretty amazing.

  4. Can't wait to read it !

    I hope we'll have more informations on the the world you built (or still building). In fact I really like it and would like to know more about how it works. (how can you sell slaves if there is still a male/female ratio of 1 ? Are there "good guys"? Are there some small boobs ? Will we see Maggie, Sherry and Tawnie get older ? ... ).

    Keep up the good work.

  5. You guys and I think alike. There are a lot of good ideas to cover but I sadly cannot work as fast as I imagine the storylines.

    About the realistic breasts and ethnic diversity, I'll see what I can do.

  6. Can't wait! However, don't change your drawing style too much in regard to realism. I love your stuff because of the fantasy world you create. We get enough realism in the real world. Beautiful, young, submissive, and masochistic girls is want I want, and so far you do a great job, in fact, the best job.

  7. Hi there. I'm a big fan (bought all your stuff on dofantasy so far!) and I'd like to weigh in with a couple of suggestions. I liked the slavecop concept but thought the storyline was pretty weak - what I would like to see is Agent Cumgulper take down a real slave-freeing operation. Proud,haughty, feminist-terrorists hiding in the woods/hills/sewers being taken down, captured, trained and, eventually, tamed would be great. This could culminate in the downfall of a powerful free woman - perhaps the CEO of a major company who has used her considerable wealth to remain free and also used her money to fund an illegal slave-freeing operation. It would be great to see a woman like that turned into a puppyslave.

    Second idea: is your world allowed to have superheroines in it? If yes, then it would be great to have a role reversal story where former supervillians are now the 'good' guys, employed by the state to bring the former superheroines (who are now officially 'bad' because they have refused enslavement) to heel.

    Just a couple of thoughts. Keep up the good work.

    Harold TCS

  8. Thanks Harold. I think that would be a viable story. I already have a basic concept of plot of the Slavecop sequel, not too different from your suggestion. Inserting a female CEO as the criminal mastermind would be a nice touch. I have to tell you though, the next slavecop project will be the fourth one from now. I have 2 birthday gift episodes and one standalone story in between before that.
    About the story being weak, I understand that. As I wrote in a previous post, this was a modified version of one of my old stories. It is actually two shorter stories stitched together by extra pages and sequences. Even the end result was still decent considering, I'm sure a careful eye (like yours) can see the seams.

    Finally, the superhero thing: I try to keep things as realistic as possible (except breast size, maybe), so a superhero theme is unlikely. But who knows... I did that frankie steinn thing after all.

  9. Also, guys and gals, could you please give me at least a fake name when leaving a comment? It is hard to keep track of all the anonymouses.

  10. First of all, let me tell you that I'm a great fan of your work and all your stories line.

    There only one thing that I think you could improve. I would love to see you tame slutkitten once and for all; I think she's a little bit too defiant.
    My idea would be to transform her as a house pet. Constanly on all fours, with a tail stuck up her butt, a partial mask covering her face (like you did in Slave Fair). It would be great if you deny her the use of speech, instead she would bark like the dog she is. She would sleep in a cage and eat cum covered dog food for breakfast... that would put her in her place!

    I know you would have great idea for her caracter.


  11. Hi there man!

    I'm not from the States but I have bought all of your published stuff at dofantasy.(I I have even got some underground unpublished work of yours too.)

    I'm a huge fan of your work and I think your fantasy world is the best one already created in BDSM fantasy. You know, not just raping, killing and domination but also a consisting storyline and plot.

    My favorite stories are Birthday gift and Slave fair. (Now it is slave cop too)

    I would like to see more hot chicks enslaved in BG. And I can't wait to see the sequels.

    All the best.


  12. Pernel, you would be happy to know that Sherry WILL be denied the use of speech in episode 6. It is as if you have seen the plot. Spooky. (the difference is that she will not be barking, since her name is slutKITTEN).

    By the way, they are actually treated as housepets already. When was the last time you've seen them walking on their two feet?

    Secondly, Shrek mentions that he has some underground unpublished work of mine. That stuff is probably my early work published on the fansadox paysite BDSMartwork.com. My actual unpublished work was safely secured in an old shoebox at the back of a closet. If you got THAT, you bring it back right away, dude.

    Thanks for the kind words by the way.

  13. I hope Peter gets another slave girl.

    It would be awesome if there was a black or asian slave girl

    When can we expect your next comic

  14. Oh pregnant slave-girls

  15. Hey Matt, Thank you for your posts. I have deleted your comment on the puppy teen page, since you unknowingly revealed my next project (coming this spring after birthday gift episode 5). I already have the story pencilled and inked. Please do not tell anyone or post it anywhere, since my ideas were stolen by other artists before.

  16. How about a story with hot alien or mutant chicks. Like maybe they gentically altered girl to look more attractive. Like maybe bird wings or tails

  17. ERENISCH , I really enjoy your birthday gift story , just wondering though , are you going to do a prequel where we see how the twins where made slaves , and are you in future stories going to make Regina ( mom ) and Gwen ( daughter ) have to have sex with each other ??? , and I like the new girl Ginger who was added into the 5th story , can't wait to see what happens to her , Also I like the superhero/villian idea , that would be interesting , great idea Harold - Paul W

  18. Hey Paul,
    I'm not thinking about a prequel at this time, since I have a lot of stories lined up. There could a be a short flashback, maybe.

    A like the mother-daughter dynamic, so Regina and
    Gwen will most likely be sharing a scene in the coming episodes.

    When I was doing the 5th episode, I was planning Ginger to be the next gift, but the 6th episode went completely to an unexpected direction. So she will be featured later on the storyline.

  19. Too long to appear a new episode ...these guys fansadox can not rush right? Otherwise, what to say, I trust this will be something great BG 6