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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Slavegirl Profile: Anita Sufridora

As a young woman, Anita was among the lucky few who found a man who liked her enough to take her as a wife. She was happy like a little piglet in poo when she was preparing for the wedding ceremony.

However, her fiance's neighbor Jason had his eye on the pretty broad for some time. The deceitful bastard set the poor girl up and convinced her fiance that Anita was cheating on him. Furious, the groom called the wedding off, and he sold the unlucky girl to Jason after torturing her in length. His one condition: Anita was to be treated as a dog and beaten regularly. Jason was happy to oblige.

So, only a week before her wedding, poor little Anita found herself as a puppy-slavegirl, sucking a stranger's cock obediently and getting tortured daily in return.

Name: Anita Sufridora
Slave name: Fuckcandy
Age: 23
Hair: Light brown
Eyes: Brown
Owner/Master: Jason Mars (27)
Primary use: Personal fuckslave
Secondary uses: Multi-purpose cocksucker, asscleaner, puppygirl, maidslave
Preferred orifice: Mouth
Featured in: Slave Fair

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