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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Slavegirl Profile: Dr. Frankie Steinn

One of the brilliant minds of her time, Dr. Frankie Steinn was depraved as she was ingenious. After a scandalous biochemistry conference where her theories were ridiculed by her colleagues, she closed herself in a secluded medieval castle in the middle of nowhere, and started working on a scientific breakthrough.

Little did she know that the project she was working on would transform her life radically, and not in the way she hoped for.

Name: Frankie Steinn
Slave name: Puppy, Sucky-Fucky
Age: 38
Hair: Light brown
Eyes: Brown
Owner/Master: Igor (53)
Primary use: Personal fuckslave
Secondary uses: Multi-purpose cocksucker, asscleaner, puppygirl, maidslave
Preferred orifice: Mouth, Asshole
Featured in: Dr. Frankie Steinn's Monster


  1. I'm a big fan of Frau Dr. Steinn! Frankie Steinn's Monster was definitely one of your best works! Superbly drawn, humorous and welcome change to the birthday gift scenario.

  2. I also like the comic. Its a pity Igor didn't have more scenes with his new slaves. I know its a one-shot but I'm still hoping for a future installment.