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Monday, January 11, 2010

Image: Agent Cumgulper infiltrates the Cult

Sneak preview from Slavecop: Undercover agent Lidia Cumgulper infiltrates the secret dungeons of the Cult, where young women are subjected to unimaginable torture. Agent Cumgulper would soon discover that these huge diabolical devices are nothing compared to the pain and suffering these poor girls would face afterwards.


  1. I don’t know if you like suggestions, but I thought of an idea for another slavecop episode that you can use in your story line if you want. A group of slave girls escapes from their master in the woods. Their GPS has been deactivated so Lidia Cumgulper is sent in to find them. Unfortunately for her, they find her first and bind her. They torture her as a traitor to females. Agent Anders watches via camera. Instead of helping Cumgulper, however, he decided to sit back and watch. Cumgulper is whipped and tortured for hours. Finally, the gang of ex-slave girls is going to kill her. Just before they do, Agent Anders comes in and captures them. Cumgulper is then given a harsh punishment for being caught by the ex-slave girls.

  2. Sounds good. This could be 7-10 page sequence within the main story at least. I'll consider it.

  3. Are you going to do a story with pony-girls

  4. you would that among so many girls there be some that were black or asian

  5. The basic rule is to keep it simple. I try to keep ethnicity of characters ambiguous and differences subtle.

    But when the plot requires, I'll use different races and ethnicities.