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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Slavegirl Profile: Regina Duponte

Regina was a among the few lucky women who were not immediately enslaved for sexual use when the "Compulsory Female Slavery Law" was enacted in 2022, since her husband was a female equality activist and had enough money to buy his wife's freedom.

For years Regina and her her beautiful daughter Gwen enjoyed that precious freedom, but their world turned upside down with the untimely death of her husband. A year later Regina found herself in a financial crisis and finally she was unable to pay the remaining payments for her and her daughter's freedom.

It was not long after their term of exclusion from slavery run out, the two women were brutally raped and beaten by a couple of teenagers one night. Upon the discovery of their financial situation, the boys immediately enslaved the desperate women. After witnessing her daughter Gwen being raped and enslaved by one of her classmates, Regina was gifted to Principal Spinner, who was more than happy to use, abuse and humiliate the poor mother as his new office slave.

Name: Regina Duponte
Slave name: Sluttycow Cockmommy
Age: 37
Hair: Red-Brown
Eyes: Green
Owner/Master: Principal Spinner (45)
Primary use: Personal Fuckslave
Secondary uses: Office Whore, Spank-doll, Footstool
Preferred orifice: Asshole
Featured in: Birthday Gift Parts 3-4


  1. I hope the principal bangs her and uses some extra large dildos to stretch her then have her daughter give her a good long fisting session.

  2. One of my fav slaves