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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Slavegirl Profile: Sherry Potts

One of the most popular girls at Erenisch High School, Sherry was rich, beautiful and had an attitude to match. Haughty as a royal princess, Sherry was convinced that she would never be sold like many of her poorer friends. Because of her arrogance, her classmates called her "the ice queen" and "the frigid bitch".

However, voluptuous brunette's days as a free girl were numbered. When a financial crisis drained the funds of the family business, her father had to pay his debt to his trade partner with her beautiful young daughter. Without warning, Sherry foundd herself naked, tightly restrained, and blindfolded in a strange place. She was to be a sextoy, a personal property of Peter Stevenson, the cruel insolent dork who had recently enslaved her best frient Maggie.

Peter ruthlessly raped and tortured the ever defiant girl, and relentlessly trained her as a sex slave. Even after months of training, sexual use and humiliation, Sherry remains a defiant girl, often giving her master the lip.

Name: Sherry Potts
Slave name: Slutkitten
Age: 18
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green
Owner/Master: Peter Stevenson (18)
Primary use: Anal-fuckslave
Secondary uses: Puppy girl, toilet-cleaner, seating furniture, flogging-whore
Preferred orifice: Asshole
Featured in: Birthday Gift Parts 2-4



  1. Sherry is my favorite... The girl has spunk

  2. yeah me too, after Maggie

  3. What happened to Sherry's sister?