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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Slavegirl Profile: Tawnie Gobsons

Lost his father at a very early age, beautiful Tawnie had a turbulent youth. Her mother had to marry a brutal and abusive drunk when she faced harsh financial problems. So, after her mother's death, poor little Tawnie was left with a drunk stepfather who saw the gorgeous brunette as a potential money-maker.

When Tawnie and her best friend Gwen was punished by detention by the new vice-principal, her drunk stepfather did not show up to bail her out before the deadline. Thus, under new compulsory slavery law and school regulations, Tawnie became available for sexual enslavement by anyone who is willing to take her.

While the vice-principal was hoping to take the young brunette as his sex slave, student Peter Stevenson realized a daring plan and kidnapped the scared girl from the school's detention cages. The young girl was to become a birthday gift from Peter to his father. Since that horrible day, Tawnie serves her classmate's father as an obedient sex slave.

Name: Tawnie Gobsons
Slave name: Puppycunt
Age: 18
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Blue
Owner/Master: Mr. Stevenson (45)
Primary use: Personal Fuckslave
Secondary uses: Puppygirl, Cocksucker slave
Preferred orifice: Mouth
Featured in: Birthday Gift Parts 3-4


  1. think i would have rather seen her as peter's slave

  2. Para mí, Tawnie debería ser esclava de Peter y no del padre.

    Tanto sacrificio por parte de Peter, para que se la regale al padre... naah jajaja