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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Image: Two reasons why Math is fun at Erenisch High School

Ms Hannah Cox and Ms Chrissy Cummings are among the biggest reasons why kids still have the slightest interest in geometry and arithmetic in the infamous Erenisch High School...

In that crazy place where female students are picked like scared prey by perverted adolescent boys one by one, it is a constant game of cat-and-mouse for women. No woman is safe in there, even teachers such as Hannah and Chrissy are likely to be cornered and raped anytime.

Ms Cox, otherwise known as slavecunt Cockharlot is already a sex slave of the sadistic principal of the school. May the idealist Chrissy be able to save serself from such a horrible fate, or will she become another victim of the school of perversity?...


  1. Hmm the possibilities, I wish that the Principal changed Miss Cummings' assignment to teaching sex ed. Have her use a more "hands on" approach to teaching the class.

  2. Is Chrissy a new characrter?

  3. introduced in episode 4.I hope she is enslaved in the next episode - she is a hot teach