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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Slavegirl Profile: Molly Stevenson

When the "compulsory female slavery law" was enacted, Molly was a young secretary at a trading company. As a beautiful young blonde with long, beautiful legs, she had already caught the eye of her boss. The perverted businessman kept abusing the poor young woman again and again in spite of her reluctance.

However, after the law was announced on national TV, the desperate young secretary could not resist the pervert any more. She was shocked to see that her parents accepted the huge sum of money her boss offered, and the luscious blonde was now a sex slave to the sick bastard she worked for.

After years of abuse, rape and torture, poor woman slowly turned into a mindless, obedient sex puppet. Her master married her as soon as she got pregnant to a boy, but this made little difference in the cruel treatment she got from her owner/husband. As years passed and she lost her youthful beauty, she assumed more administrative tasks like training and disciplining younger slavegirls.

Name: Molly Stevenson
Slave name: Kittywhore
Age: 43
Hair: Silver (blonde)
Eyes: Hazel
Owner/Master: Mr. Stevenson (45)
Primary use: Wife-slave
Secondary uses: maidslave, wake-up cocksucker, slave-trainer, matron-slave
Preferred orifice: Asshole
Featured in: Birthday Gift Parts 1-4


  1. Hi ERENİCSH... İdea, maybe the father should die and thus the man of the house will Peter... So that his son may serve Molly...

  2. Hmm the hot milf, she is tailor made for a good fist fuck.

  3. molly es sensacional

  4. Best character in the series would love to see more of her, I always look for her in the BG series but no luck

    1. me to bro i love this milf, becouse she front his own son

  5. can you make story about molly as slave more detail

  6. i hope you make more story about molly