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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Slavegirl Profile: Wendy Taitole

Smart and hardworking, Wendy was one of the best students in her class at College. Nothing but her exams troubled the beautiful blonde bombshell, that is until her roommate brought a mysterious stranger to their apartment one night.

Little did Wendy know that she would be ruthlessly abused and raped in her own home that night, and forced to become a back alley whore swerving stinking vagabonds.

Sneak Peek from Roommates:

Beautiful Wendy tries to flee from her roommate's master but, her run was cut short by a couple of vagabonds who were happy to add the scared blonde to their after dinner entertainment plans.

Name: Wendy Taitole
Age: 20
Hair: Reddish Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Owner/Master: unregistered, not officially enslaved.
Featured in: Roommates

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