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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Slavegirl Profile: Heather McSluddie

Heather has always been a head-turner at the infamous Erenisch High School with her tall beautiful body and long curly red hair. In their happier days, Maggie and Sherry used to be her best friends.

Poor redheaded babe managed to stay away from the perverted adolescent boys for a long while after she turned 18, but destiny caught up with her when a couple of her classmates abused and raped her during a class orgy along with a few other girls.

Poor Heather had little time to recuperate from that horrible ordeal, since her attacker soon saved enough money to buy her from her parents legally. She was now the sex slave of Jeff one of the biggest dorks in her class, and a sick sadistic bastard. She was no longer the lively young girl any more, she was merely a sex pet with no will of her own.

Name: Heather McSluddie
Slave name: Sluttypig
Age: 18
Hair: Red
Eyes: Green
Owner/Master: Jeff Matryschek (18)
Primary use: Personal fuckslave
Secondary uses: puppygirl, wake-up cocksucker
Preferred orifice: Asshole
Featured in: Birthday Gift Parts 1-4

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