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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Slavegirl Profile: Hannah Cox

Math instructor Ms. Cox was known as one of the most attractive teachers of Erenisch High School, and her classes had been filling up with drooling adolescent boys since the day she started. Everyone thought that she was among the lucky few women who have an immunity from the "compulsory female slavery law".

In fact, the beautiful blonde woman was indeed a sex slave owned by the principal of the school, and the poor young teacher was frequently used as a fucktoy in his office.

Hannah was lucky as a child since she had a father who refused to enslave his wife or sell his daugther when the slavery law was enacted. However, when she was 18 years old and ripe for the taking, her parents died in a suspicious car accident. After that, Principal Spinner, a family friend, took the young Hannah in, and put the horrified girl through an intensive slave training of ruthless torture and rape. That training and years of sexual service turned the beautiful woman into the obedient sex slave who serves almost everyone in the school today.

Name: Hannah Cox
Slave name: Cockharlot
Age: 27
Hair: Reddish Blonde
Eyes: Green
Owner/Master: Principal Spinner (45)
Primary use: Office whore
Secondary uses: footstool, flogging-whore, teacher
Preferred orifice: Asshole
Featured in: Birthday Gift Parts 1-4

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